Dogs Have Karma Too

Once upon a time, the Super Duper Cooper Pooper Puppy was a tiny little thing.

Just look at those eyes. Is it any wonder I brought him home with me? So sweet. So innocent. So adorable. Not at all menacing…


He turned into a monster puppy.

A year and a half later, Tucker came into our lives.

Just look at those eyes. Sweet. Innocent. Okay, maybe a little shifty. But he is a terrier, after all. Still. Doesn’t that face say, “Love me?’

Unlike this face…

…which says, “I am the spawn of Satan.”

From this, we learn several things.

1. There is a period of puppyhood in which puppies turn into monsters. This phenomenon is not limited to canines. Human toddlers also experience it. Their teeth, however, are less frightening.

2. Just because something looks sweet, innocent, and loving, does not mean that it will not attempt to eat its friends. This should be kept in mind for any alien invasions that we may experience in the future.

3. Puppies who turn into monsters and eat their friends will grow up to be dogs who are eaten by puppies who turn into monsters and eat their friends.

4. Therefore: Dogs have Karma too.


P.S. No puppies, dogs, humans, aliens, toenails, or cans of bugs spray were harmed in the making of this post.

P.P.S. The dogs really do like each other. Most of the time.


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