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24 June, 2010

My Life in Acronyms

A few nights ago, I was talking to my dear friend Dan about acronyms. See, he hates them. And me? Well, I happen to live in a world that is currently full of them. So, for Dan’s amusement… my life, in acronyms.

I am BKD.

I go to UT, where I’m majoring in SW and Psychology. When I graduate, I will have a BSW, but eventually I want an MSW and possibly a PsyD. I take classes such as CSD, UGS,  RUS, and CL 305.

One of my favorite professors is E-RG. I plan to get licensed after graduation, and I want to be an LCSW.

I’m very active in SSD. Their office is in the SSB. At ACC, where I’m taking my summer classes, SSD is called OSD, and this gets very confusing.  I receive FINAid through the VA. But I have to go to OSFS sometimes, after I’ve filled out my FAFSA. They require my SSN and my UTEID. Sometimes I study at the PCL. I have classes in PAR, BUR, and SSW. To get there, I have to drive down MLK.  I drive a VW.

I have OCD. I’ve participated in treatments including CBT and ERP. I’ve taken an SSRI.

I love photography and shoot with a DSLR.

I overuse LOL and LMAO in written conversation. I prefer MLA style to APA, but I can cite in both.

I have many online friends on FB, but I also frequent the GMC. I used to be a member of APS. My best friend and I like to watch SYTYCD. We talk a lot on YIM.

Before I got fired, I worked at SCBN, sometimes called FMR. I opened mail and scanned POI.

I am definitely not a PC.


14 June, 2010

The Part of Me that Wants to Be a Sex and the City Girl

So I made it to see Sex and the City 2 with mom this weekend. They gave her the senior discount, which was amusing on many levels, mostly because I’d just finished telling her that they’d never buy her as a senior. The popcorn was yummy, the seats were comfortable, and as for the movie? What can I say?

I love Sex and the City. Love it. I am completely and totally attracted to Chris Noth as Mr. Big, and I want Carrie’s group of friends. Samantha is my favorite, but let’s face it, if I were going to BE one of the SATC girls, I would be the overly analytical writer.

Here’s the thing, though. They would never, EVER, let me in. I would be one of those people that Carrie makes fun of. Among that group of people, I would be a marvel. And I know this. And I accept it. (Really) But still… there’s a part of me that kind of wishes I could tag along with Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte.

The rest of me tells that part to shut up and quit being stupid on a pretty much daily basis. The rest of me knows what it’s talking about. Because the rest of me knows these things:

I will never be the kind of girl for whom going out on the town seven nights a week is enjoyable. I will never really like to party. I will never have a good time in a crowd of people. I will never like wearing uncomfortable shoes to walk around a city. I will never be comfortable wearing clothes that look as if they were picked out in the dark.

And while we’re on those shoes? I will never be the kind of girl for whom $400 is an acceptable amount of money to spend on a pair of shoes? I might admire the shoes. I might even like the shoes. But to spend that kind of money on them? That’s half my rent. Or a heck of a lot of books. Or computer parts. Or a new camera lens.

The rest of me knows all of this, and it accepts it, and embraces it. The rest of me is the kind of girl who enjoys reading, dominoes, Tetris, and spending time with a three-year-old.

But that little part?

Sometimes, that little part wishes that diamonds and shoes WERE a part of my daily life. The rest of me gets a daily life filled with baby spit-up, doggie poop bags, and laundry. That little part of me wishes that the songs stuck in my head were the latest ones I had heard premiered at some glamorous show. The rest of me gets songs from Hooked on Phonics about a Big, Big Pig.

All of that said, I’d never be happy there. As invested as I am in Carrie and Big, Miranda and Steve, Charlotte and Harry, and Samantha… it isn’t me. And part of me is sad about that. But the rest of me? It’s too busy folding laundry, doing school work, and planning craft projects for the three-year-old to care.

*The Little Part of Bobs

10 June, 2010

Journey Through My Photo Archives – I Grew Up Here

Back to the old photo archives for me. What better way for a vampire to keep busy, when said vampire does not want to do her Government reading?

I grew up here, in Startown, North Carolina. Startown consisted of three houses and a horse farm. Those houses you see in the background? Not Startown. The city of Newton annexed up one side of Startown road and down the other. They skipped my house, my grandparents’, the Stables, and the Delvecchio’s. This photo is taken from my grandparent’s roof. I figured out how to climb up there when I was about eight, and I was always getting yelled at for running around on the roof. That back yard? I spent every evening there in the summer. Those funny white things on sticks are Purple Martin gourds. Granddaddy and I raised them – more than 250 young per year, and one of the larger colonies in North Carolina.

And there are the stables. I learned to ride there, when I was four. Granted, I haven’t been on a horse in years now, but I can’t imagine that it’s something you completely forget.


Speaking of houses – this one was mine. It was eclectic, starting out when my parents first got married as a 13,000 home. We built, and added, and tacked on. And when I say we, I do mean we. House building was a family project. Here, I’m sitting on the fence that separated my parents’ fence company yard from our house. To my non-duck is the fence company and my mom’s gift shop, Rose Cottage Treasures. She used to make dolls, and we sold Boyd’s Bears.



Did I mention that we had seasons? Real, honest to God, seasons? I miss those.




And these. Trees. I miss trees. The top tree was a dead one in the horse pasture that the birds loved. The middle one is the Magnolia I spent hours climbing. I could read in that tree. And the bottom… I learned to swing there.


These lived in my back yard. There would be a new batch of them almost every year. Often, you could get them to know you well enough to come up to the fence and pat them on the nose. It never occurred to me to be afraid of big horses. Though one of them did eat a bike glove of mine once.

When I look at all of these, it amazes me how different my life is now. I never, EVER, saw myself living in the city. In any city. Let alone a city in Texas.

I never imagined that the only animals in my life would be dogs.

I never imagined that I wouldn’t have a back yard.

And sometimes, I miss it. But most of the time, I think that Austin is pretty cool too.


10 June, 2010

Turning Vampiric

I realize that when I decided to minor in Slavic, I was risking becoming a vampire freak. Okay. So I’ll never be one of those people who waits for the new Twilight movie with bated breath. In fact, I hate Twilight.

Real vampires don’t sparkle, darn it.

But I was prepared to start enjoying vampire lore. And, to some extent, I have. The classics, some of the off beat vampire stories, even the Watch Trilogy. That one gets stuck in my head. In Russian. Начной Дазор.

What I didn’t anticipate was turning INTO a vampire. Granted, I haven’t started sucking blood yet, but I am experiencing a severe aversion to sunlight. And daytime. And holy water. Just kidding on the holy water part.

What I’m saying is that I’ve gone ever so slightly nocturnal. For the past few weeks, I’ve been going to bed with the sunrise. Honestly, I don’t mind it, but it isn’t a functional schedule for a normal human being.

Then again, who ever said I was normal? Either way, the madness has to stop, before I decide to stake myself in the heart just to ensure that I’m asleep before 6 am.