Scattered Sunday Sundries

1. I love the word “sundry.” It brings to mind ice cream sundaes, with chocolate syrup and a cherries on top. Of buffets and fine meals with lots of bits and pieces.

It makes my to-do list feel much more manageable.

Much easier to think “I need to do my dishes and sundry other chores,” than it is to think, “I need to do my dishes, vacuum, fold laundry, walk the dogs, study for my literature examination, dust, and buy Christmas presents.” Even though I do. That kind of pressure will make your head explode.

2. I have one more final in World Literature tomorrow and I am DONE for the semester. While I adore my World Lit class, the exams are hell. It takes me two hours to write a blog post that doesn’t make me cringe. How I’m supposed to write three coherent essays in the span of three hours is utterly beyond me. But one way or another, tomorrow at noon, my semester will be finished.

3. Two of my grades are in already. Russian and Theatre – both As, thank goodness.

4. My birthday is in T-2 days, and I am, admittedly, more than a little excited about being able to purchase my own liquor. Cause, you know, that’s important for a college student.

Okay, so it’s not as if I’ve actually waited to drink. In fact, I’ve been at drinking for just about six years now. I don’t do it often, and I’m picky. But I’m still excited. Because there’s nothing worse than running out of wine and being unable to buy a new bottle. Or worse, needing Whiskey for a recipe and realizing that you can’t purchase it.

5. In preparation for my birthday, I’ve pulled my current dining table outside onto the patio to make room for the new dining table I will be purchasing on Thursday. Question: When you start requesting furniture for your birthday, have you officially become an adult? It’s a slippery slope from furniture to underwear and socks.

And by the way, I could really use some more underwear and socks.

6. I have a stack of books that I’m looking forward to reading over the holidays. I don’t usually get to read for fun these days, though I make exceptions for new Jodi Picoult and Jeffery Deaver novels.

7. I just tried to spell ‘novels’ with a K. “Knovles.” I like it. I think we should keep it. It makes more sense…. Know + Volumes… volumes of knowledge… knovles.

8. I have a blogging dilemma. I have pictures from things I did during the time I took off, but I’m not sure where to put them. Do I write posts and backdate them? Do I write out of order? Do I skip the photos entirely? I just don’t know. THIS is why it’s bad to take time off.

9. I really do need to finish the cleaning I started yesterday.

10. Forgive my stream of consciousness writing. We’ll just hope that I’m secretly channeling Proust, and therefore, set up to do really well on my World Lit exam. Truth is, I’m just feeling a little bit scattered today.

11. I promised my friend Mellie that I would write about her. So Mellie? Here you are! Hooray! Mel and I go way back, to when I was about 15. She is extremely good at pissing me off, but she does make me laugh, so I keep her around. That, and she’s pretty awesome. And one of the three people who reads my blog.

Mel once got drunk online and told me that she didn’t have a couch. She said some other things too, but they fall into the NC-17 category. But you gotta love her. Inhibition is way overrated.

12. The End.



One Comment to “Scattered Sunday Sundries”

  1. You’re mind sounds like mind. Like a faucet … its never stops raining water!

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