Kindle Love

Ahhh, my precious… my darling… my beautiful, little charcoal grey box of literature and possibilities. My electronic ticket to lands far, far away.

(Makes it sound a little like an electronic boarding pass, doesn’t it? Maybe I should revise.)

Anyway… ahem…

To My Kindle

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

Your 3-G network can reach, when wi-fi is out of sight.

For it’s the end of being an unconnected disgrace.

I love thee to the level of everyday’s

Desire to read, by sun or book-light.

I download freely, without copyright;

I love thee purely, as I sing your praise.

I love thee with a plan to put you to use

With the old favorites of my childhood days.

I love thee! –With your bookmarks, knowing I will no longer lose

My page number or my place, — I love thee with the passion

From romances I have read, of all my life! — and, if God choose,

I shall but love thee better with each new book release.


Kindle Notes:

I now have a total of 35 books downloaded to my Kindle, most from marvelous free sites like Project Gutenberg and Project Gutenberg Australia. These sites house books that are in the public domain. Hint: The Australia site has books published between 1923 and 1935 that aren’t available on the US site. I’ve also perused the Kindle store’s free section and downloaded a couple of books that look promising. In short, my Kindle is loaded and ready to go. (Free audiobook versions of these classics can be downloaded from Librivox – also playable on the Kindle.)

I’m using Calibre for management, and really liking what it can do. It’s great for converting my downloaded .epub files into Kindle-friendly .mobi files. Really, it’s like the iTunes of e-books. Great tool.

Kindle’s text-to-speech robot voice is surprisingly good. I will always choose to hear a book rather than read it myself if I have the option, because I absolutely love being able to close my eyes and just go into the story. (This method not to be employed while driving. It is generally frowned upon to shut one’s eyes while operating a motor vehicle.) But seriously, the robot voice is much better than the text-to-speech robots on my Mac. What this means for me is that I might finally make it all the way through Gone With The Wind.

I love love love love LOVE the 3G network, and the fact that I don’t need wi-fi to connect to the internet. What THIS means for me is that I will no longer have to incur data charges for net usage on my cell phone. I can simply use my Kindle.

The built in dictionary is impressive and it’s really cool that I can simply move the cursor to any word within the text I’m reading and have a definition pop up on screen.

I may propose marriage to my Kindle any day now.

My iPod is jealous. (It shouldn’t be. It still has a very important place in my life.)

It’s true… I’m a technology junkie.

Now, if you’ll excuse me… Mr. Harker and his vampiric encounters await my presence. It wouldn’t really be polite to leave them waiting.




2 Comments to “Kindle Love”

  1. I’m coveting your cover, can you buy those at a real live store or is that an amazon thingy?

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