There’s just something about walking into a clean apartment. It’s the reason I spend so much time cleaning before I go anywhere. It gives me a warm, contented feeling.

As nice as it was to spend time with the parental units, I am very happy to be home. It’s blessedly quiet here. I know where everything is. I can crawl under my covers and sleep until noon if I want, without feeling guilty that I’m leaving others or forcing them to be quiet because I’m asleep. (Okay, it’s not like anyone has to do that much anyway. I sleep like the dead.) Still. It’s just nice to be home. It smells like me – the candles I put out.  Don’t get me wrong – I do miss ma and pa and the puppies. Cooper misses Hawkie and Tucker. Mom misses Cooper. (He is awfully cuddly.) But it’s kind of like wearing high heels. You like doing it every once in awhile – but you really love getting back into your old tennis shoes too.

I guess it answers my question about where home really is. You know it when you leave it. You crave it. Two nights ago, I had a dream about being home and when I woke up, I was actually disappointed that I wasn’t here.

I had intended to stay in like a hermit this evening. I told Kelly I wasn’t going anywhere, unless there was steak involved, and alas, she did not find steak at the grocery store.

Really, I didn’t lie.

There was steak involved. Lots of steak.

Another reason I love being home is because here, my Awesome Neighbors walk by and say “we’re going out to a Brazilian steak house – want to come?” And I say yes, because it’s an adventure I haven’t ever had before. And because I’ve been wearing sweatpants for the last week, and the chance to put on real clothes and, dare I say it, dress up, makes me salivate.

And because tomorrow, I’ll be home too, and I can be a hermit then. Or the next day.

Brazilian steak houses, by the way, are awesome. I had ribeye, sirloin, filet, and pork ribs – all in one night. This place deserves a review of its own though, so that’s all I’ll say about it for now.

Now, I’m back. Sitting quietly on my bed, getting ready to fall into a book until I pass out. Now, the winter break has truly begun.



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