The Night Before School Starts

I was always one of those terrible little suck-up kids who loved school. (Right up until I turned 13 and decided I didn’t have any use for it anymore. Then I decided to take on the task of my education myself. But that’s another story entirely.) I remember how excited I was to go shopping for school supplies. Fresh pens and pencils and notebooks. The smell of the Office Depot with all the new binders and backpacks. Clean erasers.

A blank slate, on which no mistakes had been made. It was fabulous.

The night before a new school year was always so exciting. I loved the first few days of school, during which introductions were made and assignments were handed out. The rules were read and expectations were made clear. I never could sleep before school started. I was just too excited.

It’s not much different in college.

I’ve just come out on the other end of the longest break I’ve had in a year. And you know what? After about a week, I was done. When I’m not in school, I miss it. I thrive in an environment where my work is evaluated and I can excel. Lolling around my apartment day in and day out does nothing for me.

For the past two weeks, I’ve lain in bed at night and thought about how ready I was for school to start. Of course, tonight I’m thinking now unprepared I am.

I’ve signed up for 18 hours this semester. 18 ass-kicking hours. No fluff classes. Six of them are Intensive Russian II – a class that’s meant to be conducted entirely in Russian.

I haven’t bought all of my textbooks yet. That’s unusual for me. But it just didn’t work out the way it normally does.

I’m slogging my way through an online math placement test. I signed up for a statistics class because, well… I had to sign up for math of some kind… only to find out that I have to test my way into the class. Despite the fact that I’ve already received credit for the class’s prerequisite.

Despite all of that, I can’t wait to get started. Tomorrow, I’ll go to classes and be handed syllabi. They’ll tell me all of the rules and my life will get back to normal – crazy, hectic, normal.

Let’s just hope that I make it to bed before dawn. Schedule crunch has arrived and it’s make it or break it with this sleeping thing.



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