And So It Begins (Too Fracking Early)

For those of you keeping score, last night I made it to sleep by…. five o’clock this morning.

Which makes my 8:30 AM start time Too Fracking Early.

I have a feeling that this schedule reboost is exactly what my body will need. In the mean time, I am reminded about one of the most unpleasant things regarding school – the “I-Haven’t-Had-Enough-Sleep-Sick” Feeling. You know, the one that sits right at the top of your stomach or the bottom of your rib cage and makes you feel like death warmed over? It’s a frequent visitor during my semesters, because, well, I never get enough sleep.

I didn’t realize when I started college that sleep would become so important to me. When I was working 45 hours a week and up every morning at 6:30, sleep wasn’t so important.

Of course, my job rarely sent home buckets of mail and filing to be completed before the next day. I could, actually, come home and be done.

Then again, my school never made up a reason to fire me so that they wouldn’t have to promote me.

Just imagine that: School: Sorry, Ms. Duncan. We’re going to have to let you go before you become a Junior.

Me: On what grounds?

School: You crossed the street without counting the number of pigeons first.

Yeah, alright. The reason my evil employers gave me wasn’t that outlandish. But it was pretty close. And almost a year and a half later – I am STILL bitter.

See, in the morning, I babble.

Now, with my telephone alarm blaring in my ear, it’s time to go gather my supplies and head off to campus to buy textbooks AND… and…

The one thing that makes getting up in the morning all worth it…

The Breakfast Taco.

Still, on 3.5 hours of sleep, even the holy grail of breakfast tacos can’t mitigate the fact that it is Too Fracking Early. For that, I’ll need a Mt. Dew too.



2 Comments to “And So It Begins (Too Fracking Early)”

  1. Ooo I might need to hear the story about you getting “sent off to a different direction”.

    • Heh. Bastards. Not that I harbor any ill will against the scum-sucking…erm…

      The short version is that I worked very hard, did a good job, and was set to move into a position in accounting that would essentially be a promotion. They waited until I took two days off for school orientation, then called to fire me for… wait for it… “sabotaging the training of my replacement.” Two days before my first semester of college. When I was up to my nose in student-loan debts and counting on my income.

      WTF? Believe me, if I could have trained that girl any better and faster, I’d have done it. I wanted my place in accounting. Texas being a right-to-work state and all of that, nothing I could do about it. It was just a bad situation all around.

      But on the bright side, I’m glad to be out of the politics there. And now I get to make the schedule I want.

      Still. I hate being accused of things that I didn’t do.

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