My Favorite Place

I know it’s hard to remember, since I haven’t mentioned it in awhile but… I’m a student. I thought before I forgot completely, I’d take a moment to post these pictures that I took two months ago.

Last month, before OCD TEXAS completely took over my life, I found myself sitting with my back to the solid side of this hallway.I planted myself there, as I had done many times before, with my homework and my iPod, and simply sat – basking in the light that streamed in through the arches and watching the masses of people.

This is, quite simply, my favorite place in the world.

The building, Calhoun, sits in the middle of the non-duck side of the six pack on the south mall. Its first floor is flanked on either side by these hallways, tiled in purples, blues, and greens.

This is my favorite place.

In my first semester of college at UT, when I accidentally ended up in the Vampire Class that changed my life, it was in this building. In fac, it was in the doorway on the solid side of the end of that wall.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I would sit outside that door, waiting to learn about the history of Slavic vampires. I made friends there. Eric – the director of 13 Past Midnight Fame – would meet me there. And we certainly had fun, making jokes about the vampire movies and Russian music (little did we know that I’d come to actually enjoy that Russian music!)

I couldn’t explain it then, but when I walked into Calhoun, I simply felt at home, in a way that I never quite did in the Social Work building. I felt like it was where I was supposed to be. And the more time I spent there, the stronger that feeling got. The way it smelled. The way it sounded. Whenever I walked inside, I breathed a sigh of relief as my body told me what my brain didn’t quite know:

You belong here.

When I decided to take Russian, I started sitting outside of the room where I used to take Vampire Class. I didn’t have any reason to be at Calhoun, but I just loved doing Russian there.

And when I decided to make Russian my major, the building did become my home on campus – even MORE so when I added the double in Linguistics. Why? Because the Slavic Department (my department) is housed on the fourth floor of this building, and the Linguistics Department is housed on the fifth.


Bikes are kind of like… wildlife… here. They’re just always around.

Those are actually two gals from my Russian class. They didn’t know I was shooting them.

So many stories inside these windows.

When I am here, I feel completely at peace. I feel as if I’m at home. I love to just sit and watch the people. It is impossible for me to be surrounded by so much intelligence and not get giddy. Truly, to me, knowledge is intoxicating, and I get a high here like you can’t imagine. I want to work here. I want to be a part of this school. I just want to be… absorbed, and to absorb all that there is.

I just love this place.



One Comment to “My Favorite Place”

  1. Dude I envy you. I am in love UT… I said it. In love!

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