This Is Not The Arizona You Were Imagining

The first time I went through Arizona, I did it at approximately 85 miles per hour. It was the fourth day of a marathon drive from Nashville to San Francisco, and we were in a hurry. In fact, we crossed the entire state of Arizona in one day, on I-40.

The second time I went through Arizona, I saw little that wasn’t accessible from I-10.

Needless to say, my opinions of Arizona were slightly skewed. And even though I’d been told to pack both t-shirts and scarves, I wasn’t quite prepared for the state.

In fact, I’m not entirely convinced that we were in Arizona at all. I think that somehow we managed to find a space/time continuum that allowed us to travel to multiple regions of the country in the span of four days.

Because this? Why, this might actually be Colorado.

Yes, that’s it. I’m sure that here, we were actually in Colorado.

And this is almost certainly a picture of the mountains of North Carolina. I ought to know. I grew up there.

Colorado again. See that snow? There isn’t supposed to be snow in the desert, right?

Okay, now that’s more like it. There’s the Arizona I had in mind. Big rocks, big clouds, vastness.

And there. The only word to describe this is “immense.”

And… okay. Maybe we were in Arizona after all. This is Marble Canyon. The  reflections are breathtaking in real life.

Here? I just wanted to soak in the colors. Of course, we were parked on a bridge that had a sign forbidding people from parking or standing. So it was more of a shoot and run kind of deal.

Nope. This was not the Arizona that I was imagining. It was more beautiful. More diverse. Better than I thought it would be. An array of ecosystems, each one with wildlife and colors all its own. And each one with footprints of the people who’d walked there before.

I couldn’t help but wonder  who had seen these views before me. What went through their minds? Were they astounded? What happened in these places? Proposals? Break ups?  Happy news shared? A writer’s dream – and a photographer’s.




One Comment to “This Is Not The Arizona You Were Imagining”

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I have to say I love Arizonia. I used to go there a lot when I was little.

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