Saturday Seven: Food to Die For


List the foods you’d want served at your last meal.

So apparently, I’ve been slated to die. It might have something to do with all of the blood loss that came out of my ingenious strategy for dealing with too much Russian homework. The good news is, I get to choose the foods for my last meal. Seven foods – my favorite seven foods in the world. (I’m hoping that this slated-to-die thing comes equipped with an extra-large stomach capacity.)

  1. Pepper-crusted prime rib, cooked medium, with an au jus for dipping. The best I’ve ever had comes from a place called The Apple House in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It’s so tender, you can cut it with a fork. And then it melts in your mouth. And then you die a little. Hey… maybe that’s why I’m dying. You give me all of these foods at once, and I’m bound to go.
  2. Pepperoni Pizza from Village Inn Pizza Parlor. Best. Pizza. Ever. I haven’t had it in four years, since my last trip back to North Carolina. But if I’m dying, by God, I want my Village Inn.
  3. Macaroni and Cheese, made with cheez-whiz. Macaroni is my ultimate comfort food. My grandmother used to make it every Friday night when we’d go to her house for supper. When I first got braces and couldn’t chew anything, I’d go next door to grandmother and ask her to make me a pot of macaroni, because you don’t have to chew it. When I’m hormonal and craving dairy, macaroni is the bomb. When I’m sad… you get the idea. If I’m going to be dying, I’ll need the comfort of my macaroni and cheese. Made with cheez-whiz. Because I hate Velveeta and Easy Mac.
  4. Dave’s Alfredo. Dave is my best friend Kelly’s husband, a.k.a. the Computer Guru over at Dances With Chaos. Dave makes THE BEST Alfredo sauce. Ever. The promise of Alfredo is enough to guarantee my arrival at the House of Chaos in 15 minutes or fewer. It’s creamy, and cheesy, and warm, and…. oh god. Food orgasm.
  5. Logan’s Rolls and Butter. I love bread. Can I just say that one more time, to be clear? I LOVE bread. I can easily consume my weight in buttered bread… french bread, italian bread, white bread, pumpernickel bread, sourdough bread, potato bread… As long as it’s buttered, I’m game. That said, Logan’s Roadhouse makes rolls that are divine. The butter drips off of them They’re soft. They’re squishy. And I’d rather eat them than candy.
  6. Australian Iced Coffee. Is this a food? Does it count? Well, there can be ice cream in it if it’s done well. So we’ll put it on the dessert category. Do NOT get this confused with the stuff that Starbucks calls Iced Coffee. It pales by comparison. Here in the US, iced coffee is just that. Coffee with ice. As I don’t really like coffee when it’s hot, I certainly don’t like it with ice cubes thrown in watering up everything. That said, when I was in Australia three years ago, I was introduced to the marvelous milky drink that they call iced coffee. It’s like chocolate milk, only with a more cappuccino-like flavor. And I miss it. Very very much badly. Because you can’t get it here.
  7. Fried Croissant with Ice Cream. This dessert has more calories than one should consume in a month. It is my mother’s concoction, and it is heaven on a plate. Take one croissant – the large kind – cut it in half, and fry it in butter until it is crispy. Then, between the two halves, sandwich some vanilla ice cream. On top, add whipped cream and chocolate syrup (fudge, if you have it). Eat. Pass out into a sugar coma. Die happy.

There so many other foods I wish I could fit into the list. Dave’s Crack Chicken (Picante Chicken… but I eat it like it’s crack), Mama’s Winter Soup, My French Dips (I’m sorry, but I just happen to make the best French Dips ever), Popcorn… the list could go on and on.

It shouldn’t be possible to love food so much.

Now I’m hungry.



The Saturday Seven was created by Lizz over at Am I a Funny Girl. It is inspired by the ever-popular book List Yourself: List Making as a Way to Self Discovery. I’m playing because it’s fun. I encourage you all to play too!


2 Comments to “Saturday Seven: Food to Die For”

  1. Welcome to the Saturday Seven! Yay!
    Your list is killing me, and OMG, fried croissant? I drool, then I die. Amazing.

  2. With regards to Australian Ice Coffee. Have you tried the Vietnamese variety? A French press of espresso is left to drip over a cup of chilled condensed milk. After the press drains, the contents are stirred into a tall glass of ice. It’s incredible. You should definitely check it out!

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