I Am Lucky

Today, I had the first of four tests that I must take before this semester is over. I was terrified, because I wasn’t as prepared as I could have been. When I got to class, our professor told us to get in groups because we were going to take the exam collaboratively.

I am lucky.

Tomorrow morning, I will take the second of my four tests. I have to be up earlier than normal so that I can arrive on campus an hour before the test is scheduled, because I need the extra time. The OCD makes testing a pain. But I have an amazing TA for Intro to Linguistics, who understands the OCD and goes out of her way to accommodate me, including letting me use headphones during the exam.

I am lucky.

Liberal Arts is facing massive budget cuts, and many of our language programs are losing staff and graduate students like crazy. Slavic is no exception. We’ve lost funding. We’ve lost lecturers. But our enrollment numbers are up, and there are so many people signing up for 3rd-year Russian that they now have to offer a second class. People are interested. They want to learn the language. Our faculty are fighting tooth and nail to make sure that we still have a program. They aren’t giving up on us.

I am lucky.

My school is huge. Colleges like Business and Natural Science are impersonal. My engineer friends hate their departments, even when they love their work. I landed in Slavic and Linguistics, and I have the pleasure of both loving my work and loving my departments. We’re like a family, and we try to take care of each other.  Some students never know more about their professors than their names. I have professors who will stand around and talk for hours, when they have the time. I have professors who will write me letters of recommendation at the last minute. I have professors whom I respect, and who respect me.

I am lucky.

I don’t want to take my finals. But when they’re done, I’m taking the first break – by choice – that I’ve taken in a very long time. My financial aid is allowing me to do this.

I am lucky.

I don’t get to blog as much as I want to. I have a fictional character in my head that I’m dying to write. There isn’t any time right now, but at least she’s talking.

I am lucky.

I am thoroughly exhausted. I don’t want to be studying. My house is a mess. Cooper is pissed because I haven’t taken him out to play. There isn’t enough time to finish the projects I’ve started for my Russian portfolio. I may or may not make my 4.0 this semester.

But tonight, I’m choosing to look at how lucky I am instead. When things are overwhelming, it’s important for me to remember that, in the great scheme of things, I’ve got it pretty good.

I am lucky.



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