12 Things I Now Have Time To Do

Now that the semester is over, I’ve received my 4.0 grade report, and the world was not, in fact, destroyed by zombies,or any other apocalyptic disaster, I find myself with massive quantities of one of the most precious things in the world: Time.

Right around the first week of May, I decided to do something unprecedented. I decided to take a break. The way I figured it, I would be leaving for Russia on the 9th of July, coming home and immediately starting fall classes. If I didn’t take a break now, I wouldn’t get one until Christmas – when it’s really too cold to thoroughly enjoy a said break.

And I am enjoying it – even if “break” is a relative term, considering the two conferences I’m attending next week and all of the pre-Russia paperwork to fill out. But never mind those pesky details. I’m finding plenty of ways to fill my time.

1. Mostly, right now, I’m Simming. Did you know that was a verb? And a noun… and an adjective. Highly functional, Sims. Once upon a time, I was ADDICTED to a game called The Sims, and subsequently, The Sims 2. I’ve been playing TS2 for about seven years now, and have a pretty extensive neighborhood and storyline built up. I don’t play often, because it’s a huge time suck (and *shudder* requires me to use a PC). But I pulled out the game to use for part of my Russian Portfolio and I’ve been dying to get in and play ever since.

2. When I’m not Simming – and sometimes while I’m simming, because I’m an awesome multitasker like that – I’m reading. And tackling the pile of books beside my bed. And on my Kindle. And on my laptop.

3. For less intellectual entertainment, I now have time to watch Law and Order: SVU reruns on Hulu. Sometimes, for kicks, I also watch Rocky and Bullwinkle. It takes me back. And okay, I was doing this BEFORE my break, but now I don’t have to feel guilty about it.

4. Long, long ago, I had friends. Then I started taking Intensive Russian. Now, I have time to see my friends again. Lesson thoroughly learned though: do not let your friends drink a bottle and a half of cheap wine apiece in your living room. Enough said.

5. And from my friends, I now have the time to take their money in rousing games of poker.

6. There is a pool in my apartment complex. I haven’t used it once in the two years I’ve lived there. And with the bastards raising my rent, I really feel I ought to milk everything I can get from them This summer, I WILL swim. Bonus information: the smell of new pool float is my favorite in the world. I’m weird like that.

7. I have time to write. And characters that want written. But I’m so engrossed in the Sims right now that I’m just not there yet. Writing it a little too much like school, and for once, I’m glad that school is out. (Give me a week and I’ll miss it again.)

8. I have time to respond to my e-mails. I’m not doing that either. I’m still in denial.

9. I have time to go to Lockhart and eat lots of mama food. I’m doing that right now. It’s yummy.

10. I have time to research things on Wiki, including but not limited to: badgers, the Waltons, the origin of tetris, and skunks.

11. I have time to walk Cooper.

12. I have the time to deal with the unfortunate coming together of the last three things I had time to do. Lockhart, Cooper, Skunks. You do the math. I’ll get the tomato juice.

Time is dangerous.



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