Notes From Maryland

Last night:

I stayed up all night packing.

I lost my credit card and had to back track it to the restaurant where I’d eaten dinner.

I made a two hour round trip to Lockhart to drop off the Cooper Puppy.

I played hide and seek with Murphy. Items still missing include car charger for laptop and purple nail polish. I’ll be printing the likenesses on milk cartons as soon as I get home in the homes that they turn up.

Do people still drink milk from cartons?

I dont’ trust em. Drinking out of cardboard doesn’t seem all together sane. Cardboard is paper. And when paper gets wet, it often disintegrates. Just saying


I left my house at 6:30.

I went to Houston so that I could fly to Washingon D.C. with the Inspire girls for a conference on women student leaders.

There was a problem with the check-in desk and our first flight was delayed. We took a later flight.

I got on an airplane for the first time in three years. The back of the plane. Middle seat. Between two strange men. One of whom had a cough.

I cried. Literally.

I HATE airplanes.

But I still use em.

When we got off the plane, it hailed. Immediately.

I suppose, in that small way, we were lucky it was after and not before.


I am lying in a dorm room at the University of Maryland.

I had a piece of homemade chocolate cream pie at a diner.

I had more fun than I’ve had in ages hanging with my friends.


I will develop blisters walking around Washington D.C.

Too much information?

Sorry. I’m going on my 37th hour without sleep and passed coherency ages ago. Forgive my nonsensicalness. Nonsensibility. Nonsense.

Purple Pancake. Lemon grass. Bedsheets. Brain no longer workey.

Until tomorrow,



2 Comments to “Notes From Maryland”

  1. Silly person. Everyone knows lemon grass goes with orange pancakes, not purple.

  2. Have a great time.
    Sitting in a plane in your situation would have made me cry too or panic! Either one!

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