Eight Reasons Why Glee Doesn’t Completely Suck

Last week, after spending two years convinced that a brain-eating human-age-regression virus was sweeping the world, it happened.

I got sucked into Glee. And it doesn’t completely suck. Well, it does, because it sucked me in. But not in the bad way.


Here’s why I don’t hate it as much as I thought I would. (Like, not at all. Like, I kind of like it.)

1. They based a whole episode on a Fleetwood Mac album.

The Chain. Go Your Own Way. Dreams. I grew up on this stuff. Stevie Nicks is pretty much my vocal idol. So any show that takes Fleetwood Mac and makes it accessible and cool, thereby making me less of a freak for preferring the classic rock to just about anything produced since I was born? I’m down with that.

2. Shue’s abs.

Damn. Just… damn.

And he sings. And dances.

And is in love with a woman who has OCD.

And mentors troubled high school children.

And did I mention the abs? Not that it would ever really be appropriate for a teacher to strip off his shirt in front of impressionable teenage girls. But still. Damn. My last chorus teacher was a middle-aged woman with thick bangs and a propensity to wear calf-length church dresses. So. Not. Fair.

3. Brittana.

They’re pretty. They care about each other. They like women. They like men. Brittany makes me giggle. Santana has a spectacular rack.

Just saying. I am an equal opportunity ogler.

They sang Landslide. It was awesome.

And mostly… they’re just really cool together.

4. The characters have depth.

Even Sue, the epitome of evil, has a soft side. No one is 100% good and no one is 100% bad. I get annoyed watching shows where morality is absolute — we all have our less than appealing qualities and everyone makes bad decisions sometimes.

5. The cast is diverse. Like, REALLY diverse.

Okay, so Glee plays on stereotypes. But what the show is really good at is taking the stereotypes and turning them on their head. And EVERYONE is represented. Black, white, brown, purple. Gay, straight, bi. Disabled. Popular. Christian. Jewish. And what’s so cool is that despite this, no one is cast into a box. The diversity is great — and the fact that the story line is more important than the attributes of the characters playing it is even better.

6. There is an obsessive-compulsive character. And she isn’t a freak show.

I admit, whenever I hear tell of a character with OCD, I cringe a little. I’ve seen it done so poorly. Comedies use OCD as fodder for jokes. They make fun of the anal-retentive properties without ever addressing the fact that OCD can be a serious problem. That said, I’m all for laughing at our problems — just not at laughing at the people who have them. There is a difference.

And Glee manages to find it. Emma is cool. Having an obsessive-compulsive character like her on prime time can only do good things for awareness. Glee sees her go to therapy. It sees her trying medication. It acknowledges the fact that individually scrubbing grapes is quirky and a little funny, but also part of a larger problem. It doesn’t make her a freak or hyper-controlling. (Monica Geller comes to mind.)

Basically, the show just handles it really well. That alone makes me respect it.

8. The ratings are good, so it probably won’t be canceled.

Always a plus. Nothing worse than getting sucked into a show only to see it canceled just one season after you really get into it. *cough* Veronica Mars *cough*

So yeah, okay, it’s not too bad. Even if I’m developing an inferiority complex as I realize that every one of those little snots is a better singer than I am. And even if the musical dubbing REALLY annoys me. They could definitely improve on that. And even if I still don’t really buy the premise that people from so many cliques would come together striving to win a singing competition, (We weren’t that united in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, for God’s sake), or that football players and cheerleaders would give up their popularity just because of a few songs.

It doesn’t completely suck after all.



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